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18 March 2015

Arctic Wolf  (Canis lupus arctos)  -  Polarwolf
Loup arctique - Lupo artico - Lobo ártico - Мелвильский островной волк

The European nobility has eradicated the wolves and many other wild animals in Europe almost. Today there are the hunters and the farmers, who hate wolves and pursue them. A primitive envy and destruction of nature!
In contrast, we have to fight back! We advocate for tigers in India, elephants in Africa and lions and cheetahs. That is all right and good work. But we must also commit ourselves for a nature in Europe and USA.
We have destroyed our forests in Europe in the last 2000 years. Now we want to make in South America and Africa regulations. But here in Europe we do not even allow to live some wolves and bears. This is more than arrogance!

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